Outsourcing Your IT Services

The term “IT outsourcing” is generally defined as the use of a third-party service provider to deliver IT- enabled business processes. Outsourced IT support services typically involve sub-contracting responsibility for some of the following processes:

  • application and software development;
  • data storage via cloud services; web development and hosting;
  • application support and management;
  • database development and management;
  • security;
  • telecommunications;
  • social media management;
  • technical support and help desk services.

Outsourced IT support enables both large corporations and small businesses to benefit from experienced IT guidance; remain up to date on technology; and have access to knowledgeable best practices. It’s simply not possible for a business owner to be an expert at everything. It’s a smart strategy to know when to hire an expert for certain functions that will enable you to keep your focus on moving your business forward.

We are based in Christchurch and aiming to be your Trusted IT Advisor.

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