Backup Solutions

While a lot of people often have a backup solution in place at the time of data loss, this does not always prevent data loss due to the backup not always being current or operating properly. It is important to diligently monitor and verify that a backup is successfully operating and capturing a current, accurate snapshot.

External hard drive backup are still the most used and sought after approach to backing up both business and personal data. Cloud and tape solutions are also often used. Yet, regardless of the solution, several common scenarios can lead to the surprise of data loss:

  • External drive only connected on an occasional basis; backup not automated and instead performed on demand
  • Computer not on during scheduled backup and not configured to perform at a different time
  • Backup software failed
  • Backup ran out of destination space
  • Backup profile did not cover all of the device requiring backup
  • File lost before scheduled backup

“Leveraging a data backup solution is critical for any business or individual protecting against data loss,” said Adrian Briscoe, general manager – APAC, Kroll Ontrack.  “However, even a reputable cloud or external media solution does not always provide predictable results. An effective backup solution hinges on the user or IT administrator attentively validating that the solution is functioning as expected and verifying that the backup is complete.”

After experiencing data loss, the importance of implementing a backup solution becomes apparent. Yet it is the time and expense associated with research and administration to then be able to implement this which is the major barrier.

Tips for Backup Success

  • Take the time to invest in a backup solution and set up a backup schedule
  • Ensure backups are running regularly in accordance with the determined schedule
  • Check backup reports for error indications or failure
  • Test backups on a regular basis to ensure data has been accurately captured and files are intact

Computer Troubleshooters can help. We offer managed plans for your computer which include backup monitoring and administration where your backup is managed and monitored on a daily basis.

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