Free Google Adwords Voucher

For June 2012 only, we are giving away a free $75 Google Adwords voucher to all of our new customers* to give your website a kick-start into driving traffic.

You can use these vouchers to put yourself at the top of the Google search results list.

If you use one of the following services, then we will give you your free Adwords voucher, no questions, contracts or hidden agendas. It’s simply a thank you gift from us.

So contact us and let us know which service you are after, and you will receive your voucher!

A few terms and conditions apply, these are:
Vouchers are only available to new customers. Limit one voucher per customer. Vouchers must be redeemed within two weeks, and only can be used with new Google Adwords accounts (less than 15 days old). These are not redeemable if you have already used an Adwords introductory voucher. Can not be exchanged for cash.

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